Spelling and Vocab Words

Unit 4 Week 1

Spelling Words – variant vowels /ü/, /u/

spoon                                        tube                                          July

goose                                        due                                            look

booth                                         clues                                          shook

gloom                                        true                                           notebook

rude                                           chew                                         could

coins                                          joyful                                         round

classroom                                childhood

Target Vocabulary and Definitions

  1. achievement – something that you worked hard to finish or learn
  2. apologized – to say that you were sorry
  3. attention – to watch, listen, or concentrate on something
  4. audience – a group of people gathered to hear or see something
  5. confidence – to have trust or faith in something or someone
  6. embarrassed – to feel shy, uncomfortable, or ashamed
  7. realized – to have become fully aware of something
  8. talents – natural abilities or skills