Spelling and Vocab Words

Spelling Words – prefixes pre-, dis-, mis-

misprint                                    precut                                       distrust

misread                                    preview                                    discount

mistrust                                    prepaid                                     dishonest

misspell                                    preplan                                     discover

mistreat                                    preheat                                    disable

stairs                                         rear                                            where

prejudge                                   disconnect

Target Vocabulary and Definitions

  1. disbelief – to not believe something
  2. dismay – to feel upset because of shock or surprise
  3. fabulous – when something is amazing
  4. features – things that are noticeable about something
  5. offered – to be presented with something that you accept or turn down
  6. splendid – something that is very beautiful or magnificent
  7. unique – something that is the only one of its kind
  8. watchful – to be watching closely and carefully