Reading and Language Arts

Various Games and Activities for All Subject Areas (Just scroll down to 3rd grade, choose a subject, and explore!


Unit 1, Week 1: Grammar, Vocab, and Skills

Comprehension (Sequence of Events):

Vocabulary (Compound Words):

Slimezilla VS The Compound Words

Grammar (Fragments and Complete Sentences):

Floyd Danger Adventure

Quia Quiz 




Lesson 20: Grammar, Vocab, and Skills

Choose the Right Adverb (Easy) –

Rags to Riches (Medium) –

Speed Word Adverbs (Hard) –

Matching Adverbs (Easy) –

Adverbs of Frequency Hangman

Various Adverbs Games and Songs –

Main Idea Song –

Dictionary Skills Quiz (Limited Play) –


Lesson 18: Grammar, Vocab, and Skills

Word Root Quiz –

Greek Word Root Archery –

Latin Root Jeopardy (Difficult) –

Root and Meaning Matching –


Lesson 17: Grammar, Vocab, and Skills

Adjectives Song ––k

Adjective sentence mix up –

Type the correct form –

Suffix Match-up –

Suffix Type-in –


Lesson 16: Grammar, Vocab, and Skills

Adjectives Song ––k

Story Elements Song –

Madlibs –

Adjective Practice –

Adjective Practice –


Lesson 14: Grammar and Vocab Practice

Prefixes in~ and im~ –

Prefix Meanings (enrichment) –

Pronoun Treasure Hunt –

Pronoun Practice –

Subject and Verb Agreement “Verb Viper” –

Subject and Verb Agreement Board Games –


Lesson 13: Grammar and Vocab Practice

Homograph Jeopardy –

Homophone Game –

Contractions Activities –

More Contractions Games –

Subject and Verb Agreement “Verb Viper” –

Subject and Verb Agreement Board Games –


Lesson 12: Using Quotation Marks Practice

Rags to Riches! –

Quotation Marks Quiz (higher difficulty level)

Quotation Marks Song –


Lesson 11: Irregular Plural Nouns Practice

Go fishing for plural nouns! –

Rags to Riches! –

Billionaire! – Speed Word! (slightly more difficult) – Trapped! (Takes a while to load, but good fun!) –

Lesson 9 Abstract and Concrete Nouns Practice Abstract and Concrete Nouns Song

 Lesson 8 

Vocab Strategy: Using Context Clues – Rags to Riches


Math Sites

Multiplication Table –

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division Practice –

Skip Counting Practice –

Interactive Number Line

Mathman – Elapsed Time Practice

Robo Clock

Place Value Football

Place Value (Various)


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Wonders Unit 1, Week 1

Wonders Unit 1, Week 2